On the Record: C.J. Spiller

CLEMSON - Running back C.J. Spiller talks about Saturday's game at Georgia Tech, keeping an excited James Davis in check before kickoff and more.

After a breakout performance against N.C. State, C.J. Spiller has his eye on bigger goals this week against the Yellow Jackets.

CUTigers.com caught up with Spiller earlier this week for another edition of On the Record:

C.J. you had a huge game last week but before we talk too much about that, take me back to last year's game against Georgia Tech. What do you remember about that 51-yard touchdown catch you had on the screen pass? That seemed to be the play that put on the map.
Spiller: Oh yes sir. It was like third-and-4 on the screen play. I was just looking to make a first down and I happened to see the linebacker over pursuing so I cut back under him. Then when I saw the cornerback moving up fast so I gave him my inside out move and then used my God-given speed to score a touchdown.

That was quite an impressive play and an impressive game. How were you guys able to dominate Georgia Tech like that last season?
Spiller: The coaches really prepared well for that game. Believe me, it's not as easy as it seems and it won't be Saturday. Those guys do a good job filling the gaps and it makes getting into those running lanes difficult. But once we got through last year we knew we had to make the most of it. It's going to be tough on Saturday though. We know that. We just have to play our game and hopefully we can get the win.

I've talked to you the last couple of weeks about having that breakout game and it seems like you got that last week. Talk about your performance against the Wolfpack.
Spiller: Yes sir. I kind of let the game come to me against N.C. State. I think I was trying to force things to happen before but I relaxed out there last weekend. Hopefully I can do the same thing against Georgia Tech.

There has been a lot of talk this week about James Davis returning home. You are his roommate. You see what he's been going through this week. Do you have to try and calm him down because he's so hyped for this game?
Spiller: Well he's calm right now but come 3:35 for the kickoff he'll be ready to play. This is a big game for him. This is his last time coming to Atlanta whether he leaves early for the NFL or comes back. Some of his friends and family members don't get to see him play often in a live game. They get to see it on TV. But this is Clemson versus Georgia Tech and I'm pretty sure James is going to do a good job.

Do you think you'll have to try and keep him in check before kickoff because he'll be so excited?
Spiller: Oh yeah. He's very vocal. He goes out and plays hard every down. I think I can keep him under control though. (laughing) Hopefully he can go out there and have a good performance for his family and friends.

There's a large number of Clemson fans expected to be at Saturday's game. How does help you guys on the road to see so much orange in the stands?
Spiller: Last week we heard some boos from some of the State fans but when we start hearing from our guys, it's a big deal. Having your fans on the road means everything. It makes you play harder. Hopefully they can make it harder for their offense when they take the field Saturday and we can kind of make it a home game for us.

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