NOTEBOOK: Tigers Look at Changes

CLEMSON – Sometime Tuesday morning, the head coach of the Clemson soccer team and the head coach of the school's football team are going to meet and see what can be done, if anything, to help ease the stress on Mark Buchholz playing both sports.

But regardless of what transpires in the meeting between Trevor Adair and Tommy Bowden, the way Buchholz practices with the football team is going to change.

Bowden decided something had to change after his placekicker was just 1-of-5 against the Yellow Jackets.

"I'm going to try some different things with him in practice this week to see how he responds," Bowden said. "I've been kicking him before practice and just been letting him go. I'm going to kick him before practice, I'm going to kick him in the middle and then kick him at the end.

"I want to give him some more game-like situations. And then if he misses some, I'll have to address that later. But I've got to make sure I'm doing the right thing to give him a fair chance."

Bowden said it dawned on him on the ride back from Atlanta to Clemson that Buchholz was missing an important aspect in the role of being a kicker because he is off participating in soccer matches the night before playing in football games.

"Most kickers probably lay in their bed (the night before the game) and see themselves kicking, kicking, kicking," Bowden said. "He's not. He's a thousand miles away mentally. He's losing that. I can't get that back because he plays (soccer). So I've got to recreate a little bit more of that during practice."

POSSIBLE O-LINE MOVES: Right guard Thomas Austin saw time at center in practice Monday night, but Bowden wouldn't say whether or not that is a move that could happen for this week's game.

"If there is (any reshuffling), we'll probably let you know Thursday," he said. "But we've been experimenting with the offensive line since the spring. We're just not as set as we were last year with the whole line coming back. …

"We're playing around with (Barry) Humphries, (Chad) Hutchinson and Austin at center. … If it looks like we're trying to move in that direction (with Austin at center), we'll try to let you know by Thursday."

NOT GOOD FOR TAYLOR: Receiver Rendrick Taylor is listed as doubtful for Saturday's game due to a very bad hamstring. This comes after the junior already sat out the Georgia Tech game.

Taylor said he has a slightly torn right hamstring and that he's not sure if or when he'll be able to return. Depending on the severity, torn muscles can take up to 10 weeks to heal and many of the severe ones require surgery.

If he's unable to return until last week or two of the regular season, Taylor could opt to receive a medical hardship because he's only play in four games and still have two years of eligibility.

"I don't know where the options stand for me, but I'll just see how things go," he said. "If I don't tend to get better real soon, I'll talk to the coaches to see what are my options."

QUICK HITS: Bowden said while he's not happy with the way tailback C.J. Spiller has been running, he said there's not a lot of tweaking with the sophomore to get more production.

"You coach a fullback and you sign a tailback," he said. "Those great runners, you don't mess with them too much." …

Bowden said new players were being tried on the punt blocking team. Top Stories