Q & A with Airese Currie

"I was really discouraged because I didn't feel like I was contributing like the rest of teammates were at wide receiver," said Currie in reference to his so-called sophomore slump. "It messed with my head a little bit, but last week it was finally time for me to step up and have a big game."

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Do you feel like you can be one of the top playmakers on the team?
Currie: I would say so in most aspects. I can use my speed as a mismatch against safeties and linebackers.

It seems like it's been tough for you to get the ball thrown your way this year.Would you rather be the featured guy as opposed to one of several talented receivers in this offense?
Currie: I wouldn't say that. I knew I dropped a big ball at Georgia and I was a little down on myself a couple of games about that, but I stepped up this past week.

Did it get you down when you didn't put the big numbers early on?
Currie: It did. I was really discouraged because I didn't feel like I was contributing like the rest of teammates were at wide receiver. It messed with my head a little bit. Last week it was finally time for me to step up and have a big game.

A lot of people talk specifically about those two catches that you dropped earlier in the year, any comments on that?
Currie: Actually the ref did hit the ball against Louisiana Tech, and I saw the ball too late, I wasn't able to react to the ball fast enough. I think I was trying to force things to happen instead of letting things come to me.

Did you talk to Coach Bowden or Brad Scott about it?
Currie: I talked to Coach Bowden a little bit about it. He told me not to get discouraged about it or get down on myself and that my time will come. I've learned to just sit down in the hole and take what the defense gives you and hopefully Willie can find you.

Would you say the offense is finally where it needs to be now?
Currie: I wouldn't say we are far enough along yet. We are getting better every week, putting points on the board, and moving the ball the field, but we aren't far enough along yet.

Why did it seem like you weren't getting many opportunities to catch the ball during the first 4 games?
Currie: I would say because of the defensive schemes we were facing and the just the way the defense was playing me. I was getting more bracket coverage, I would get a safety on top of me and then a linebacker right there in the hole under me. Against Florida State I didn't get too much of that. I got a linebacker trying to force me outside and a safety rolling over me.

Is this weekend a big game in Virginia?
Currie: It's a big football game. We look at one game at a time, but add the fact that we are coming off a loss, people need to see how we can respond after a game like that.

Is it tough playing on the road?
Currie: I don't think it's too tough playing on the road, we just have to concentrate on what we're doing and play hard.

Did the team sort of "bag the season" last year after the upset loss to Virginia?
Currie: That hurt us, but I didn't sense anything like that, but a lot of people were disappointed we let the game slip out of our hands. We know we now can't just show up and win the game, we have to play every down.

Did FSU do anything differently on you last week in 2nd half?
Currie: I don't think they did anything else. I don't know if it was pressure on Willie or what but I was pretty much open the whole game.

Which was the bigger play for you, the touchdown against South Carolina last year or the touchdown last week versus FSU?
Currie: I'd have to say the one last year because it was in my hometown in front of everyone.

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