Wednesday Bowden Audio + Transcript

CLEMSON - Listen to coach Tommy Bowden talk about Wednesday's practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: Buchholz looked pretty good. I even did the Urban Meyer thing with the time out. I let him kick it. Then I called a time out and made him kick it again. I blew the whistle and said, uh huh. He made a 48-yarder left hash then I blew the whistle and said uh huh, we called a timeout. We did the Auburn thing."

MEANINGFUL SNAPS FOR KORN? "We were dropping too many balls (against Georgia Tech). And we were getting sacked. If that hadn't been the case and Cullen was throwing poorly ... then. It was a combination of things. Nah. Not with the dropped balls. Nothing really shot out that said ... you know. I think he's still nationally ranked. He's a little more mobile. But it's not like Dantzler and Streeter. It's not like one of those deals. But I don't know if mobility would have helped and mobility wouldn't have helped with the drops."

ON THE PUNT BLOCKS THIS SEASON: "The one we had (against Georgia Tech) was when the guy had poor technique. The one we had against Florida State was where the guy blocked the wrong way. But we are working hard on it this week. That's what Virginia Tech is known for. We do special teams every day anyways. I can't work it any harder than I'm working it."

ON BOUNCING BACK: "We've had two really good practices. We really have. Last Tuesday we had a terrible Tuesday practice. Last week we wasted Tuesday. We didn't waste anything today. We've had two really good practices."

* 2009 verbal commitment J.K. Jay was on hand for Wednesday's practice. Top Stories