On the Record: James Davis

CLEMSON - Is James Davis 100%? We go straight to the source to get the latest.

James there has been a good number of people asking if you are playing at a 100% this week. For the record, are you healthy and how are you feeling?
Davis: I feel pretty good. I think I'm going to be 100% for this game. Right now, there are a lot of people that aren't 100%. I've got some bumps and bruises but I'm getting treatments two times a day. I should be close to 100% for the game.

I remember talking to you last year near the end of the season and you didn't seem like you were willing to admit you were injured. Is this something that is as serious as that injury?
Davis: This is definitely not that serious. I'm just going to go out there and continue to play how I've been playing. I think I'm averaging like six yards a carry. Right now I think I'm doing everything I can to help put my team in the right situation. If I was hurt, I wouldn't go out there. I would let C.J. take the load.

The yards per carry is definitely there. But what about the number of carries? It seems like one of these games we will see you carry the ball 20-25 times, correct?
Davis: I would expect to see myself carry the ball like that soon. But that's the coaches' decisions. But you know me, I just want to win games. I love to the run the ball. That's what I do so if they want me to do carry it that much I will.

Talk about the mindset of this team this year. I've heard some people suggest that this is the same old Clemson on the national talk shows after last week's loss at Georgia Tech. Is that the case?
Davis: I can say right now I don't think that's going to happen. To be honest, the most enthusiasm I've seen on this team was this Monday- right after we lost to Georgia Tech. There was a lot of excitement. I haven't seen that since high school. All this week at practice - they've been great. We are really prepared.

What do you remember about the Virginia Tech game last year?
Davis: I can just remember we couldn't get anything going on both sides of the ball. Offensively we couldn't move the ball at all it seemed like then on defense we couldn't stop them. You have to give those guys credit for the game they played that night. They played well.

What does it mean to this team to come back and play at home as opposed to being on the road?
Davis: It means a lot. It's good. We can just kind of get back in a regular routine. Plus it's a night game. (SID) Tim Bourret told me earlier this week that out of nine night games I've had eight 100 yards rushing. The one game I didn't get 100 yards was against Virginia Tech. So, I think I definitely have to prove myself. It's a big game. And it's a big game for our team. I'm going to do everything I can to help my team win.

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