On the Record: Mark Buchholz

CLEMSON - It's what everybody is talking about this week - Clemson's special teams. We check in with kicker Mark Buchholz to get the latest.

After missing six of 11 field goal attempts in his last two games, Clemson kicker Mark Buchholz has come under the spotlight.

Also a standout for Trevor Adair's men's soccer team, Buchholz has been pulling double duty this fall and all the practice time and games may be starting to its toll.

While most of his misses have come from over 40 yards out, he has missed one from less than 30 yards and another from just under 40.

CUTigers.com checked with Buchholz earlier this week to get the latest on his new weekly schedule and his mindset heading into Saturday's game against Virginia Tech for another edition of On the Record:

Mark earlier this week during Tommy Bowden's press conference about 30 minutes of questions were asked of you and the performance of the special teams against Georgia Tech. Does any part of you think this situation is slightly overblown, especially when you consider of the four field goals you missed, three of them were longer than 45 yards?
Buchholz: No. I feel like I should make those kicks you know. No matter how deep they are. If I go back to as long as 55 yards away I have the leg to make it. It's just a matter of being accurate. I don't take any kicks off. I don't feel like if I miss one, 'it's okay, it's a deep kick.' I'm not cutting myself any slack by missing them. I just have to sort it out. When I'm given the opportunity to make kicks, I have to put 'em through.

Buchholz has converted 7-of-13 field goals this season with a long of 48 yards.
Talk me through the technical aspect of what happened Saturday. This distance was obviously there. What happened?
Buchholz: Everything felt good. I felt comfortable back there. I went through the same kicking routine I've always done in practice. Everything was good. Our operation was a little faster than it should have been. We have to get them off in 1.3 seconds. We got them off in 1.2, 1.22. That's lightning fast. Still, all the balls were down. I felt like I hit them well it was just a matter of six inches one way or another. It's almost like in golf when you lip out putts. It felt like that. It was the same sort of feeling. It just stinks.

Talking to you the last couple of weeks you really don't seem like the kind of guy that is going to let last week get you down or change your approach to the game. Am I right? What is your mindset right now?
Buchholz: Yeah I'm not trying to change too much technically. I just have to get back in that comfort zone where I'm comfortable back there. I haven't missed too many kicks in practice. It's something I feel confident with during practice. It's just a matter of translating that over to the game so hopefully I can do that.

Coach Bowden told us this week some things have been changed with your weekly schedule. Can you talk about that?
Buchholz: Yeah we are going to try to do game-like things in practice. As opposed to usually doing all the kicking at the beginning of practice. You can get into a rhythm that way. If I don't do one thing right on one kick it's easy to correct that in the next one only a few seconds later. It's like when you are on the driving range, you can hit one bad golf shot and then fix it and be in a rhythm where that's not realistic when you are on the golf course. You only hit a shot every five minutes. So we are going to take that to practice to make it more realistic. I respect that. That's what it needs to be.

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