Changes In Store for Saturday

CLEMSON – Clemson will attempt to play an entire game with its new starting offensive line Saturday against Central Michigan. And even though Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden didn't want to elaborate on what the new line is, has all the information.

Clemson will trot out the exact same stating lineup that began the Virginia Tech, but had to abandon rather early due to injuries.

Thomas Austin will once again start at center, with Brandon Pilgrim getting the call at right guard. The rest of the line will be filled with the three regular seniors with Christian Capote at right tackle, Chris McDuffie at left guard and Barry Richardson at left tackle.

The Tigers had to scrap that lineup early against the Hokies because Pilgrim went down with an injury, which forced Austin to go back to guard and Barry Humphries to play at center.

Regardless of who starts, Richardson said there is one commonality, which is why the Tigers have had so many issues with the line this year.

"I knew all the stuff and (the line last year) knew the stuff," he said. "Last year, we all trusted each other. Now that we have youth in there, we don't. But we'll get it soon."

There's only one remedy for inexperience and that's getting playing time, no matter how painful at times.

But that doesn't make it any easier for fans and coaches to stomach. Richardson said there's very little that can be done to have an immediate fix to the woes on the line.

"There's not much you can do," he said. "There's no real solution for it."

The offensive line wasn't the only aspect that Bowden wouldn't divulge information. He refused to say what players had been replaced and inserted in some of the special teams units.

He said everyone will find out what the changes are on Saturday.

INJURY UPDATES: Last week, as many as 12 players were wearing colored jerseys that prevented them from sustaining any contact or doing many of the drills during practice. Monday night, only Rendrick Taylor was in a yellow jersey. He is listed as questionable for Saturday. But he'll likely sit out. …

Capote and middle linebacker Cortney Vincent each sustained sprained ankles Monday. Vincent was x-rayed during practice and no damage was found, while Capote struggled but remained through practice. Top Stories