Korn Not 100 Percent

CLEMSON - Read the entire transcript of freshman quarterback Willy Korn's interview with the media.


Where do you stand right now in terms of playing the rest of the season?
Korn: Right now, coach Bowden is going to make a decision and I'm going to do whatever I can do to help the team. That's what I've done since I got here.

Are you 100 percent? 50 percent?
Korn: My shoulder is still bothering me a little bit, but we'll see how it goes.

Your throwing shoulder?
Korn: Yes.

At any point have you requested to (medically) redshirt?
Korn: We talked about a little bit a couple of weeks ago. Me and coach Bowden talked about it. That's something coach Bowden is going to decide and make a decision.

Have you asked coach Bowden if you could redshirt?
Korn: Really whatever the team wants me to do. Whatever puts the football team in better position to win games.

Would part of that be how Cullen is playing and that it might set your career up better?
Korn: Definitely. Like you said Cullen has done a great job this year putting points on the board. He's taking care of the football and hopefully he will continue to do that.

Do you have an idea of when a decision will be made?
Korn: Not really. I don't know yet. That's not in my hands.

Has Tribble Reese gotten more snaps with the No. 2 team?
Korn: Yes.

If it was a blowout Saturday and you don't play, are you okay with the fact you may not play the rest of the season?
Korn: Yeah. I came here because I have faith in the coaches. I trust them and they are going to make the best decision for me and the team.

Is it a shoulder bruise? Did it happen in the Furman game?
Korn: I don't know. (on the actual injury) Yeah (on Furman). It just hurts. It's gotten a little bit better, but on deep throws it still hurts. It's sore. Who knows what contact would do it. I don't know that because I haven't played since I injured it. It's still pretty sore out there.

No idea at this point on whether a decision could be made sooner or later?
Korn: I don't know at this point. You'd have to talk to coach Bowden about that.

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