Bowden Comments (Sort of) on Korn

CLEMSON - Tommy Bowden was asked several questions Wednesday about freshman QB Willy Korn.


How much thought have you given to redshirting Willy Korn?
Bowden: We talk every week. We have talked this week. This thing ... we are going to end up doing what is best for Clemson. That's what we said. And we've talked this week again too.

Are you leaning any way?
Bowden: Nah I will just leave it at what I said. It's pretty conclusive.

Would part of that decision have to do with how Tribble Reese would be ready to be the backup quarterback to Cullen?
Bowden: Conclusive.

Is it fair to ask you if Korn is healthy at this point?
Bowden: Well I think that statement pretty much says it all. We talk to him every week. We've said we are going to do what is best for Clemson. That's what we have talked about.

There have been rumors on radio stations today that he will seek a medical hardship. Are those rumors true?
Bowden: I think it's pretty natural. Any similar scenario, whether it be at Texas, or (at Georgia) where they had Shockley and Greene. I would think there would be rumors. Because you get to the stage of the season ... where you have the open date. Probably are looking for things to report.

So there is a possibility he could play Saturday?
Bowden: Well yeah. There's a possibility.

So there is a possibility he could redshirt?
Bowden: Well, every freshman could redshirt.

So the official statement would be?
Bowden: Official statement would be: Willy and I have talked this week and we will both do what is best for Clemson.

Has he requested to redshirt?
Bowden: I'm going to leave it at what I said. We talk every week. Top Stories