J.D. Has Something to Say

James Davis is exactly the type of player coaches of any sport love to have. He is very talented, confident, a born leader and commands respect.

So when he says things like he still expects the Tigers to still to play for the ACC title, people take notice.

Sitting in front of a group of reporters Monday morning, Davis was asked if he thought all the criticism from fans and media would resurface should Clemson lose Saturday at Maryland.

His answer showed the supreme confidence and leadership every team needs.

"Probably so, depending on how we lose," he said of taking more heat. "But I don't see us losing this game. We're going to win this game. We're going to win. Guaranteed. …

"If we want to go to the ACC championship game, we can't lose. I think our team is going to be there in that game. And in order for us to be in that game, we've got to win the rest of these games on out. No hesitation. We're going to win this game."

Many would suggest that all Davis is doing is giving the Terrapins extra motivation by making such comments.

The thing is, at the same time he's stepping to the forefront on his own team and telling his teammate to follow him because he's leading the way.

"A lot of guys take a lot of heat," Davis said. "Somebody's got to take the pressure. I'm just trying to put the team on my back and show them what kind of attitude I have for this game and for the rest of the games on out. We've got to win games."

It's refreshing to see and hear such passion coming from a player that is clearly a star and could just as easily refrain from stirring the pot. But getting drafted high isn't good enough from Davis. He wants to win as much as anyone possibly can.

Just last week following a practice, he was as upset as he's ever been because the offensive line didn't do a good job and he got lit up several times by the first-team defense.

But then a little later, the scout-team defense wasn't going at it very hard, which infuriated him just as much as getting pounded.

This is what a leader is truly all about.

Even with two conference losses, Davis still believes the Tigers will be in Jacksonville.

"I think we definitely have a chance," Davis said. "I think I can put my team on my back. Me, I hate to be like the cocky, arrogant guy. But we can't lose anymore games from right here. And I'm going to do everything I can to put us in position not to lose a game."

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