Monday Practice Notebook

CLEMSON – Head coach Tommy Bowden addressed a wide variety of topics after practice Monday night, including some surrounding the health of Rendrick Taylor, James Davis' guarantee and the placement of for sale signs in his front yard.

The health of the junior receiver Taylor has been widely discussed the last several weeks as to whether or not he would apply for a medical hardship this season due to a slightly torn hamstring.

If Monday night was any indication, it appears Taylor will attempt to play Saturday at Maryland. He didn't wear a yellow or green jersey, which indicates he practiced at full strength.

He is officially listed as questionable, but expect to see that creep toward probable by week's end.

As far as Davis and his statement early Monday about guaranteeing a victory at Maryland, Bowden didn't have a problem with his tailback's remarks.

"He's one of our leaders and he's trying to motivate the team," Bowden said.

Bowden then tried to say Davis only said those things in response to a statement made by Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen in a website article Sunday posted on a Terrapins fan website in which he said he expects his team to win.

According to Bowden, Davis apparently has nothing better to do than troll through Maryland fan websites on a Sunday night. That response holds about as much water as saying Bowden is going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

It was a pretty weak and lame effort in trying to explain Davis' remarks, when in fact they didn't need explaining at all. Davis said what he thought was the right thing to do to get his team motivated, which is what leaders do.

Davis was asked if he got in trouble for saying that and he just laughed and responded that he couldn't get in trouble for that.

Bowden was then asked if he had heard about fans putting for sale signs in his father's front yard over the weekend. He said his mother had told him about it and that he reassured her everything was OK.

"I said, I got booed in pregame, it's the same thing," Bowden said. "I've already taken one out of mine (this year). There's a lot of houses for sale (in our neighborhood) and they just put one in mine. … I've had it happen here a couple of times."

Bowden said he doesn't hear the booing during the game because he wears a two-sided headset. But he admitted that he heard some catcalls during warm-ups.

"I'm going to start wearing headsets in the pregame," he joked. "During the next home game, you're going to see me come out wearing headsets."

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