Tigers Shake Up Defensive Line

CLEMSON – With starting defensive tackle Rashaad Jackson going down with a knee injury, the Clemson football team has made a position move to find his replacement, and only CUTigers.com has all the information.

Backup defensive end Jamie Cumbie was moved Monday to defensive tackle and will start there against Duke on Saturday, CUTigers.com has learned. The coaching staff is hoping that Cumbie will be able to provide extra pass rush from the inside.

"Right now we're having a little problem getting pressure on the quarterback and I'm going to try and do my thing and I think this might be something that benefits the whole d-line," the sophomore said. "Especially playing Duke, they like to throw the ball a lot, so I think that had a little to do (with the move)."

In order to get that extra push up the middle, Cumbie said he has to change his technique just a tad.

"I just have to work on keeping my pads a little lower," he said. "I've got to be a little more aggressive inside. At end, I don't have but one way to go all the time. On the inside, I can go both (directions). If I stay low and aggressive, with my quickness, I think I can do some stuff in there Saturday."

It's not all that common to have someone as tall as 6-foot-7 patrolling the middle. Compare that to Jackson who is only 6-2.

"At first I was worried about him being an inside lineman because he's so tall, but he's worked out alright today and made some plays," defensive line coach Chris Rumph said. "He's very athletic and it's hard to block an athletic guy."

CUMBIE'S BACKUP: Freshman defensive tackle Jarvis Jenkins looks to get more playing time this week considering who the opponent is and that Jackson is likely out.

"I'm lucky to be getting any playing time as a freshman," Jenkins said. "I've just got to work on my technique a little more.

"Basically, this is a test game for me. If I can't do it against Duke, I can't do it against nobody. They're just looking for me to make big plays in this game and that's what I'm trying to do."

Rumph said he's anxious to see what Jenkins does against the Blue Devils because the big freshman hasn't been able to show much yet.

"To give him an honest evaluation as far as on the field, I really couldn't because he hasn't played a lot," Rumph said. "In practice, he's been getting better every week. I'm just trying to chip some of that high school out of him."

MCDUFFIE UPDATE: Offensive lineman Chris McDuffie wore a yellow jersey Tuesday and is still listed as questionable at best. He's more than likely doubtful for Duke.

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