Immediate Impact

For the past few months Stanley Hunter has prayed about getting the necessary test score to enroll at Clemson and play for the Tigers.

Late last week, those prayers were answered as Hunter received his qualifying test score and is now preparing to enroll at Clemson in January.

"I'm great right now," he said. "I got my scores in and everything. I am qualified.

"I got my score on Thursday. Everything has been good since that day. My official scores weren't scheduled to be in for two weeks so my tutor put a rush on my scores. They got the scores in around 10 on Thursday. I was at work so I came over to school around 4."

The good news had already spread throughout the school when Hunter arrived.

"When I got there they didn't know I didn't know yet so my principle put her thumb up. She asked if I knew yet and I said I didn't so she took down to see Mrs. Mann. When I got there she told me I had made it. She was so excited," said Hunter.

"After that I went down and talked with the coaches. They all congratulated me," said Hunter.

A huge weight has been lifted from Hunters shoulders.

"So many thoughts ran through my mind," he said. "It felt like a burden was lifted off my back. I have been worried about my score and my future. So many of my prayers have been answered. I feel so grateful."

The first to hear the good news from Hunter were his former Byrnes teammates.

"Willy, Xavier and Chad were the first people I called. They were getting dressed for practice. They were so happy. It sounded like they were having a party in the locker room. They put a couple of guys on the phone. They told me to keep my head up. They were always there for me," said Hunter.

"It is different now because I know I am there with them. I feel like everything will be okay now," said Hunter.

The former Byrnes standout has been a frequent visitor to Death Valley this fall.

"It has been hard going to the games and watching them play. I am so much hungrier now. I still get my adrenalin going. I get so excited watching that I have to remind myself that I am just a fan right now," said Hunter.

The talented defender hopes to make an immediate impact when he enrolls at Clemson.

"I can't wait to get there. I am ready to get there and make an impact. I am looking forward to getting there and getting on the practice field. I want to take advantage of everything when I get there. I will take it all in and try to learn everything as quick as I can," said Hunter.

"One of the reasons I wanted to go to Clemson was so that I could make an impact quickly. I was projecting that I could start by my sophomore year. I knew Billie and Watkins were leaving," said Hunter. Several current Tiger linebackers have tried to make Hunter feel like a teammate this fall.

"I talk to Chad, Scotty and Brandon all the time. They get my hyped up. They tell me I will be in the mix right away with them. Before I got my score I tried not to get too excited. I felt good about my scores, but you never know for sure until you get them. Since Thursday they have been calling me every day. They tell me to keep my mind set and be ready," said Hunter. Top Stories