On the Record: C.J. Spiller

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sat down with star running back C.J. Spiller to get his thoughts on the improvement in Clemson's ground game, as well as the Duke Blue Devils, in this report.

With the improved play of Clemson's offensive line, it should come as no surprise the running game is starting to take off.

Coming into Saturday's game at Duke, C.J. Spiller has now rushed for 406 yards on the season, but over 200 have come in his last two games.

Spiller is also third on the team in receiving with 26 catches for 241 yards and two scores.

CUTigers.com sat down with C.J. earlier this week to get his thoughts on the Duke game and more in another edition of On the Record:

C.J. the offensive line seems to really be coming together the last two weeks. Would you agree and how you assess their performance?
Spiller: They've been doing a great job. It takes time. They are starting communicate better and they are starting to come together as a unit. And we are starting to finish more runs by running through arm tackles and picking up extra yards, more like what we were doing last year. Plus they are giving Cullen plenty of time to complete passes and move the ball. I think they've done a great job, especially the last two games with how we've been playing.

The confidence from you guys on offense, just by talking to you I get the sense that there is much more confidence with this unit right now than what we saw the first six games of the year. Am I right?
Spiller: Oh yes. Our confidence level is high. We were struggling a little bit against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. Now we've got the running game going a little bit it's helping out our passing and everything else. We need that balance to keep defenses off-balance. We need that the second half of the season to keep this thing going.

You've heard about the lack of atmosphere at Duke. As a player, what do you do to keep yourself motivated when the hostile environment is missing?
Spiller: We just have to have a lot of energy on the sidelines. We've all played in lesser crowds than what we'll see Saturday at Duke. We have to take every game like it's the most important one of the year. It's the most important game of the year because we still have an ACC Championship game that we can accomplish. A loss to Duke pretty much ends that. We can't let the environment affect us. We have to have a lot of energy, enthusiasm and intensity and get the win.

Boston College, after winning last week, remains unbeaten right now and on top of the division. Are you guys really watching what they are doing and keeping that in the back of your mind at this point in the season?
Spiller: The only game I've watched them this year was when they played at Virginia Tech. This team, we aren't worried what Boston College is doing. They have a great team up there. Matt Ryan is doing a great job and their new staff is doing a great job. Our focus right now is on Duke. Come Boston College week we'll be ready to play but we can't look past Duke and then we can't look past Wake Forest next week either.

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