4-Star DB Talks Recruiting, Visits

CHARLOTTE - 4-star safety Spencer Adams spoke with CUTigers.com on the field after Butler's big 21-20 upset against seven time defending state champ Independence.

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How important was this victory for Butler tonight?
Adams: "This victory was important. This was a landmark victory. Independence is a great football team. I definitely have respect for them. It is amazing what coach Knox has done there over the past seven years. Just because they had won seven straight state championships didn't mean we were going to lie down and let them win. Every year we have been getting closer and closer. Last year we could have gotten them, but we slipped up at the end. This year we came out with the mentality that we are not losing. We said no matter what happens that is what we are going to do. We came out of the locker room down 13-7 and we said we got this game won."

Didn't you predict this outcome when we talked about this game last spring at the combine?
Adams: "I told you man. I told you we were going to get up on them. I was hoping. We had to do this for this team. This means everything. We had former players calling us. I had like seven phone calls from guys saying good luck tonight. That's what we were playing for. I was playing for my brother and all of the former players. I played for them and I played for god. You put him number one and you can do anything."

Are you are taking an official visit tomorrow to North Carolina?
Adams: "Yes sir. I am going to North Carolina. I am going to go down there and have some fun with my big boy Ryan."

When are you taking your official visit to Florida?
Adams: "I am going to Florida on Thanksgiving weekend."

When will you visit Clemson for an official?
Adams: "I will go to Clemson sometime after the season. They said they wanted to be my last visit so I will set that up sometime after the season."

Any decisions on a fifth visit?
Adams: "I am not really sure. South Carolina could slide in that spot. Tennessee could slide in there. I just have to talk to the coaches and see."

How important is track going to be to your decision?
Adams: "It is playing a big part in my decision process. Track is one of my loves. I love track. I came from pretty much nothing with my mom teaching me how to hurdle. When you come from nothing you fall in love with it when you get to the status that I am. Second in the nation, number one in the state, record holder, 36.04 it feels real good. It plays a big part in my decision."

Have you talked with the track coach at Clemson?
Adams: "Yeah, I talked with coach Foster. He is a great guy. He knows his stuff. We sit down for ten minutes and he teaches you something so fast. He definitely is one of the professionals in the track and field world."

How important will academic support be since you plan on doing two sports?
Adams: "That is where Clemson comes into play. They have a strong academic support program. It feels real good. I went up there and they showed me some things. It really caters to the athlete. If you do what you are supposed to do. If you stay awake in class, go to class and get your tutoring hours in it is pretty impossible to fail. You are going to learn stuff automatically. It is like a sponge."

What are you hearing from coach Napier these days?
Adams: "He is a great guy. He is real laid back. He is not one of those recruiters that is really hard on me. He says you know what you need to do, keep your grades up. He tells you to keep Clemson in your mind. That is what I do when I go on visits. I have only really been to Clemson and Michigan. That is what I compare things to when I go on visits. Michigan is one of the top football schools in the nation so they definitely know what they are talking about. Having them and Clemson I can look at things and compare them and say is this really the place I want to go to. Michigan does things like this, but Clemson does things like that. It gives me something to compare to."

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