Miller Continues to Excel

True freshman Justin Miller has already made a significant impact this season in the Tigers' secondary, but this week he'll face a new challenge in trying to stop the option attack of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

What can you say about Wake Forest's offense from what you've been able to see on film so far?
Miller: It's more of a running game. You know we have played a lot of teams this year that seem to run the ball real well. Georgia, Louisiana Tech, and Florida State all run the ball real well. We just have to be ready on Saturday.

As a cornerback how much of a challenge is it to face an option team?
Miller: It's about as equal as anything else. Sometimes you have to take the pitchman, other times you have to take the quarterback, everybody has their own responsibilities. You have to stay awake though because you know that at anytime they can pass too.

Did you notice any of the older guys dragging around a little this week after the loss?
Miller: No, not really. I think we all are real upset that we lost but we aren't dragging and I haven't noticed anything different. Everybody's just trying to bounce back this week and get a win.

Talk a little bit about the play on Billy McMullen last week.
Miller: Actually when we lined up out there I knew they would try it at least once. They hadn't tried it all game so I kind of expected it. They just threw the ball up there and he kind of pushed off of me and got a way, but I actually got my hand in there and pulled it out. I thought I caught it, but I guess the nose of the football hit the ground or something.

Any more talks with Coach Bowden about playing on offense this year?
Miller: No, not really. Right now I need to get comfortable playing cornerback and making all of my reads first before anything like that happens.

Some schools were recruiting you as a wide receiver though right?
Miller: Yeah, Tennessee and Arkansas were. Florida wanted me to play a little of both. Top Stories