Recruiting Best Bets

Well, another month has passed, Signing Day is inching closer and there have been a few changes on the recruiting scene over the last month. A couple of new names have emerged, and there's been some shuffling of favorites. Here are my Best Bets as of today.

QB - (1-2) Not much has changed on the QB front since last month. The staff might be satisfied taking just one QB in this class with the current abundance of talent on campus.

Sure Thing:
C.J. Gaddis – Still firmly committed, and is off to a great start to his senior season.

Decent Odds:
Klay Koester – A sleeper prospect out of GA, was reportedly verbally offered by Clemson after attending camp this summer. Among the teams that have offered Clemson is his favorite.

Long Shots:
Syvelle Newton – Still a strong South Carolina lean, despite the recent commitment of stud Blake Mitchell to USC.

Stephen Moffett – plans to schedule an official visit.

RB - (1-2) Looking more and more like only one back will be signed.

Decent odds:
Rodney Kinlaw – Very recently reported that Clemson is in his top three. Penn State and Virginia Tech are definitely in the picture. If the Tigers only take one back this year, Kinlaw might be the one.

Brandon Nolen – Still favors the Tigers according to recent reports.

Long Shots:
Demetris Summers - Still a South Carolina lean, with Clemson and FSU trailing.

Kolby Smith – From his current list of offers, Auburn and Clemson appear to be at the top of his list.

Andre Callender – Lists Clemson in his top five, and plans to visit.

WR - (2-3) Several big names are still out there.

Smart Money:
Terrell Allen - Heavily favors the Tigers and might be a silent commit already.

Chris Jefferson - Was heavily favoring the Tigers, but Virginia has apparently closed the gap.

Cory Clemons – Recently reported that the Tigers are his leader.

Long Shots:
DeCody Fagg – Tigers are reportedly in his top 4, but he is apparently an FSU lean. From Shanks HS so Tigers do have a shot.

Matt Caddell – Tigers in top six.

TE - (0-1) Coffman may be the Tigers best chance at a good one.

Decent odds:
Josh Coffman - Tigers are reportedly his only offer so far, but he also likes Florida and Miami.

OL - (4-5) This could be a great year for the Tigers on the line.

Sure Thing:
Clint LaTray - solid commit.

Smart Money:
Jarrod Britt - still committed, but wavering.

Trevor Rees – Still has Tigers in top two with Northwestern.

Brandon Pilgrim – Recently reported that the Tigers are still his favorite.

Mario Henderson - Recently reported that Clemson is now the clear leader and is heavily pursuing him.

Marion Dukes – The Tigers have pulled even with USC, and may even lead. Marion and his family have always been Clemson fans. UGA is a close third.

Decent odds:
Zeb McKinzey – favors UGA with Clemson just behind; the Dawgs are probably the team to beat here.

Long Shots:
David Overmyer - reportedly favors FSU and Miami.

Brodie Overstreet – lists Tigers among favs, and may visit.

Ty Hall - Lists the Tigers along with about ten other favs, and is still waiting on that elusive offer from Ohio State.

DL - (2-3) McDaniel headlines the current list.

Sure Thing:
Anthony McDaniel - Tigers lead; maybe a silent commit.

Decent odds:
Eric Young – It will most likely come down to Clemson, USC or TN.

Delaine Means – Has the Tigers atop his list reportedly.

Kenny Price –If UNC offers he will be a Tarheel; if not, the Tigers have the inside track.

Ken Shackleford – Tigers trail only UGA.

Omar Savage – Tigers are reportedly in the top 3 along with Rutgers and Maryland.

Long Shots:
Cedric Boone may visit.

LB - (2) Marcus Howard is the fastest linebacker in the country.

Great bet:
Marcus Howard - Tigers lead, may be a silent commit.

Decent Odds:
Jarvis Jackson - Tigers are firmly in the top 5, and may lead slightly over GT, Miss and Miss State.

David Hines - Tigers appear to trail UGA.

Long Shots:
Alexander Williams and Vince Hall are long shots, along with Jonna Lee.

DB - (2-3) Nelson and Roberson would make a deadly combination.

Smart Money:
Maurice Nelson - Tigers lead, may be a silent commitment. Some project him as an outside linebacker.

Decent Odds:
Avery Roberson - Tigers appear to still be in his top 5.

Mike Walker - Tigers in top two.

Jeremie Johnson - Tigers are among leaders, may be his favorite.

DeRae Allen – Tigers hold a slight lead over Georgia Tech.

Long Shots:
Jhermaine McAroy - Tigers are among leaders, but FSU leads.

Daryl Johnson and LaBrose Hedgeman are also long shots.

K - (1) Help is needed here and Dean should provide it.

Sure Thing:
Jad Dean - firm commit Top Stories