CLEMSON – Offensvie line coach Brad Scott perfectly summed up the situation concerning his big men perfectly when he said that he only has six to play 60 minutes against Boston College Saturday, in what is Clemson's most important football game in several years.

The problems start with starting left guard Chris McDuffie, who has a torn ligament in his elbow. It's caused the triceps tendon to be weak, too. If that weren't enough, he also has a hyperextended it as well.

It's not looking real good for the senior to play, let alone start, in the final home game of his career, despite the fact that a special brace is being shipped to Clemson Thursday.

"I tried to go out there today and do something, but I can't lock my arm and I can't put any pressure on that one arm and I can't do it with one arm," McDuffie said. "I'm in constant pain. Even if I'm laying down or something, my arm just can't rest I a certain position. It has to be down."

McDuffie labeled his prospect of playing at 50-50. He also said that he and the medical staff have discussed the possibilities of taking pain shots to get him through the game. If the new brace, which will lock his arm into a 90 degree angle works, then taking a shot becomes more of a reality.

To try and get through practice Tuesday night, McDuffie wore a knee brace from a soccer player because the size of his arm is about the same as the size of their legs.

Also, it doesn't look good for backup guard Bobby Hutchinson, who has a badly sprained ankle. Scott said Hutchinson tried to push off on it during practice and that it just folded on him.

Scott said as a result of all the injuries, Barry Humphries will start at right guard, with Brandon Pilgrim going at left guard. He said that starting right tackle Christian Capote will also play some at guard, which will mean more playing time for Chris Hairston at tackle.

"(Hairston's) made great progress," Scott said. "He played very well last week for us. Hairston is ready to get quality reps, so I'll play Hairston, regardless. He'll probably roll in on the third series."

Even though it's not an ideal situation, Scott said things could be worse.

"We've played the whole game with five guys before and that's all they let you have is five," he said. "So, we'll throw five out there."

INJURY UPDATES: While the hamstring for bandit Ricky Sapp is still very sore and he's still getting treatment on it, it appears he'll be able to provide plenty of quality snaps against Boston College.

"I really couldn't do much today, but I did what I could," Sapp said. "On a scale of 1-10 on being bad, I'd say it's about a five. But I'm about to get my fourth treatment today, so I'm definitely going to try and be ready for Saturday."

Sapp hurt his hamstring late in practice Monday night while doing extra drills on his own.

It also looks as though backup linebacker and special teams player Scotty Cooper will be able to play, which is pretty good considering he just had arthroscopic knee surgery a little more than a week ago.

Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning was positive that both players would be able to play and contribute. He said that Sapp even tracked down C.J. Spiller in practice.

"We flew Oral Roberts in and (he put his hand on their head and yelled) be healed," Koenning joked. But he was serious about the two players playing.

KORN REPORT: Head coach Tommy Bowden was asked about Willy Korn's performance on the scout team this week and how he's looked imitating Boston College star quarterback Matt Ryan.

"He looked good, but he couldn't quite do a hundred percent, but he did as good as he could under his circumstances," Bowden said. "Boston College will throw deep three or four times a game and that means 50 intermediate short passes. … That's what I'm most concerned about (which is why Korn is playing with the scout team)."

QUICK HITS: Bowden said the players have been "pretty serious" at practice this week and that the attitudes and demeanor are "very similar" to last week. … Bowden said that everybody who is eligible to play is still eligible and that nothing bad has happened. But then he added, "But we still have 48 hours to go. There's a lot of things you can do in 48 hours." …

Bowden said that he wished he could have redshirted Michael Palmer last year because he has turned out to be so good and valuable to the Tigers. He thinks Palmer could be one of the best players to play for Clemson. Top Stories