NOTEBOOK: News and notes

CLEMSON – Rob Spence is a man who likes to keep his emotions in check. However, it took everything the Clemson offensive coordinator had not to let his feelings get the best of him after the game.

In front of only four reporters, Spence was the last person to come speak to the media following No. 18 Boston College's dramatic 20-17 victory over No. 15 Clemson Saturday night.

As is his custom, Spence gave very short answers. But this time, it was probably due to the fact that he found it difficult to speak. This loss truly hurt him.

When asked if was going to be able to sleep, without hesitation, Spence gave his answer.

"No," he said as his voice cracked. "I'm heartbroken. I'm sure everybody in the locker room's heartbroken."

As Spence stared at the ground, he was asked if this was the toughest loss off of his career, upon which he responded, "Probably."

TAKING THE BLAME: When Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan hit a wide open Rich Gunnell on a 43-yard touchdown pass with 1:46 left to play, Tigers cornerback Crezdon Butler was the one giving chase.

It appeared that because Gunnell was all by himself and Butler was a good 15 yards behind him that it was the sophomore's fault and blown coverage. But as it turns out, Butler did everything right.

"We were in a Cover 2, where the safety (Chris Clemmons) is supposed to be over the top," Butler said. "I was supposed to have that little (short) zone and I guess the safety just rolled away (with Ryan)."

Butler was surprised as anyone that Gunnell was standing behind him all alone.

"(When the pass was in the air), going through my mind, I was saying, ‘Oh, man, I can't believe it,' " he said. "I didn't know he was back there. And if he was, I thought he was covered. I didn't know he was free and it made it look bad because I was chasing him. I'll take the blame."

Even though Tigers defensive coordinator Vic Koenning called the right play for his defense, like Butler, he also took the blame for something that seemingly wasn't his fault.

"(Having help) is the design of the coverage," Koenning said. "It made (Butler) look kind of bad. He is supposed to play the flats and then sift under the number one receiver with safety help over the top. But I'm not going to start being critical of kids that just played 70-something plays just as hard as they could. When they don't get it done, it falls back to the coaching."

SPILLER LASHES OUT: Clemson star tailback C.J. Spiller wanted every Tigers fan and media person to know two things about Saturday night's game: The loss wasn't receiver's Aaron Kelly's fault and it wasn't head coach Tommy Bowden's fault, either.

"You can't blame the game on one guy," Spiller said. "(Kelly) just dropped the ball. We've moved on. We're not just going to point Aaron out just because he dropped that ball, because he's done made plenty of plays for this team and positioned us to win games. It was not Aaron Kelly's fault that we lost that game tonight."

Then Spiller offered his thoughts on the reputation that Bowden can't lead Clemson to a big win.

"The only thing I can tell (fans) is I don't want another coach here. Plain and simple," Spiller said. "I want Coach Tommy Bowden to be my coach until I leave here. If Coach Bowden were to leave, that could affect half of our players. You can't put the blame on Coach Bowden. He didn't play not one down out there on that field. Him and his staff did the best to their ability to get us prepared for this game and in position for us to win.

"I don't want to see Coach Bowden leave and I'm pretty sure the rest of the players don't want to see him leave. If he leaves, it's going to have a big effect on not just players, but me as an individual."

Spiller was then asked if he would leave if Bowden was no longer the coach.

"I probably wouldn't leave, but it would be a consideration," he said. "But that's not really the thought right now. The thought is what can I do to correct my mistakes so I won't make them again next week."

QUICK HITS: Starting left guard Chris McDuffie was considered doubtful throughout the week due to a torn elbow ligament and a severely sprained ankle. But the senior gutted it out and played in every other series. …

Ryan passed Glenn Foley's 703 career completions for the school's all-time record. … DeAndre McDaniel's interception in the second quarter makes him the fifth Tiger with at least two picks this season. … Clemson had 31 rushing attempts for 47 yards. …

Before his interception in the fourth quarter, Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper had attempted 133 passes without an interception. … Even though Tigers placekicker Mark Buchholz missed a 46-yard field goal in the second quarter, the canon that goes off after each Clemson score let out a boom. … Boston College led the time of possession 36:30 to 23:30.

Reserve bandit Kevin Alexander recorded his first sack of the year. … Tigers sports information director Tim Bourret was surprised with an honorary degree from Clemson in the press box prior to the game. The degree was given in part for recognition of his 30 years of quality service at the school. Top Stories