JackSmack: Issue #52

Well Tiger fans, that was one of the most disturbing losses I've seen our football team take in a while. How do you lose to Virginia after the way we've been playing? Ty Hill's sweet touchdown scamper and Charlie Whitehurst's scoring drive at the end of the game was basically it for the Tigers' offense.

One bad game: we can't give up on Willie yet, but at least we know we have a strong backup. That puts us at (3-3) and (1-2) in the conference. We have a tough one this weekend against a very dangerous Wake Forest squad. I thought this might be a look ahead game with N.C. State looming next Thursday, but after losing in Charlottesville, we can't be looking past anyone.

Nationally last week, there were some great games. When Florida State went up 26-14, I was saying, "Bobby, go for 2. 26 or 27 doesn't matter." But it came back to haunt them even though they had a late kick for the win after one of the worst punts I've ever seen with the game on the line.

Dorsey does not impress, though, as he does nothing but throw around to the fastest bunch of receivers assembled on one team in the nation. If Dorsey doesn't impress me, you must know what I think about Chris Simms. What a joke. He was never better than Major Applewhite, but I guess when you have so much ‘invested' in a guy, you have to go with him.

Also last week, VT squeaked by BC on Thursday night, and Michigan won in OT over Penn State. Georgia got by Tennessee, and N.C. State also remained undefeated after blowing it open in the 2nd half against UNC. Iowa State won by 14 over a good Texas Tech team, and Iowa absolutely routed Michigan State. Another shocker was LSU ripping Florida at home. When was the last time Florida and Nebraska were unranked?

I don't know either.

Arkansas destroyed Auburn in a bit of a surprise, and Kansas State had an easy time with Okla. State. So. Cal won by 2 over Cal, and Oregon by 1 over UCLA. Notre Dame got by Pitt in a fairly tight game, and Wisconsin lost @ Indiana.

Let's take a look at the unbeatens that have a shot at the Fiesta Bowl:

Miami and Virginia Tech are the only 2 that have to play each other (besides ND and Air Force). Before that game, Miami has to play @ Tennessee (I'll be there), and VT has to play Pitt.

I think Oklahoma is looking at at least one loss with games left: vs. Iowa State, vs. Colorado, @ Texas A&M, and then a possible Big 12 Title game.

Ohio State has to play 2 games, both at home. Penn State and Michigan. They have a good shot to remain undefeated.

Georgia has to play Florida and then in the SEC Championship. They have a shot, but I like Ohio State to be playing the Miami-VT winner in Tempe.

Oregon and Notre Dame will not finish undefeated, and although N.C. State could, they will never get into the Fiesta Bowl.

This week's games to keep an eye on:

(14) Iowa St. @ (2) OU (-10)
(4) Ohio St. (-7) @ Wisconsin
(7) Notre Dame @ (15) Air Force (-3)
(8) Texas @ (19) Kansas St. (-2)
(16) Iowa (-12 ½) @ Indiana
(17) Washington @ (20) So. Cal (-8)
(22) Ole Miss @ (24-AP) Alabama (-10)
Auburn @ (22) Florida (-8)

I had a solid week of picks last week in college going (3-1) and nailing my pick of the week in UGA over Tennessee. Overall, I am (12-9) and (4-1) in picks of the week. This week, I like Iowa St. (+10) @ OU, Florida (-8) vs. Auburn, Colorado (-28 ½) vs. Baylor, and my pick of the week is West Virginia (-7 ½) over Syracuse.

On to the NFL, where I am just lost. We'll run through the conferences and some news and notes while I try to make sense of this season.

East: Miami is up 2 games after the insane finish Sunday night @ Denver.

North: Pittsburgh and Baltimore are tied for 1st at (2-3). The Steeler's 3 losses came to NE, NO, and Oakland who are a combined (12-5). The Ravens' 3 losses came to Carolina, TB, and Indy who are a combined (12-5). Pretty weird.

South: Indianapolis has a one game lead over Jacksonville thanks to Brunell's concussion. Get out of bounds!

West: San Diego leads a division full of teams at (.500) or better.

East: Philly has a ½ game lead over the Giants and Cowboys.

North: Green Bay has a big lead.

South: New Orleans and Tampa Bay are tied for the lead.

West: The Niners have a 1 game lead over surprising Arizona.

Interesting notes to consider:
  • Can the Rams make the playoffs?

  • Again, the top 7 rusher's teams from last week won.

  • Tampa Bay and Green Bay's only losses are to New Orleans whose only loss is to Detroit who gave Minnesota it's only victory. Huh?

  • After (3-0) starts, Carolina and New England are (3-3).
  • Terrell Owen's is the best receiver in the game in my opinion, but I can't stand him. I hate that I have to mention him just because of the stupid crap he does. I may be a bit old school in this respect, but I like to see Barry Sander's score and hand the ball to the official, or Nomar Garciaparra hit a home run and run around the bases. It's called ‘class' and I guess you either have it or you don't.
This week's interesting matchups:
Denver (-2 ½) @ KC
Buffalo @ Miami (-4)
SF @ NO (-2 ½)
TB @ Philly (-3 ½)
Carolina @ Atlanta (-3)
Jax @ Baltimore (-2)
SD @ Oakland (-7)
Dallas @ Arizona (-3 ½)
Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh (-4 ½)

Last week's picks were bad. Yeah, Brunell got a concussion, and Buffalo missed covering by one point, but I went (0-3). Overall in the NFL, I am (4-8) and (0-4) in picks of the week. It's time for me to start jelling, so don't go with me yet, just keep an eye out to see when I have things figured out. This week, I like St. Louis (-4 ½) vs. Seattle and KC (+2 ½) vs. Denver. My pick of the week is the Jets (-3) over the Vikings.

A quick baseball note: The Giants and Angels both won in 5. I'm rooting for Barry, but if the Angel's bats don't cool off, it could be ugly.

Enjoy a great weekend of sports.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to e-mail Jack at: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com.

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