Is Arkansas Coming After Tommy?

There are a lot of innuendos and stories out there surrounding Tommy Bowden and the opening at Arkansas. Here's what we know as of Monday afternoon about the Razorbacks and Bowden's contract extenstion offered by Clemson last week.

Arkansas' new athletic director Jeff Long and Bowden are good friends, and have been for more than 20 years. The two were assistant coaches together at Duke in 1986. learned on the day that former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt left to go to Mississippi, that Long and Bowden had been talking on the phone. Obviously, the content of these conversations isn't known, but more than one discussion took place.

We know that Bowden and Long met Friday at Bowden's vacation home in Florida.

Monday afternoon, according to, it was reported that Bowden was one of three candidates to have interviewed for the job.

The other two were former Arkansas offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, the high school coaching legend that left after one year and is now at Tulsa, and Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English.

Bowden has three years left on his Clemson contract, which pays roughly $1.2 million per year and makes him the seventh highest paid coach in the ACC. He has a buyout clause that is $2.5 million for this year, and drops down to $500,000 next year, before reaching a $100,000 buyout in his final year of the contract. has learned that Clemson has offered Bowden $1.6 million, with a two-year extension, with a buyout that is now likely close to what it is at the present time or "in that range." has learned that Bowden was informed that there is almost no room for negotiation.

Sources in Arkansas believe that a hire of the new Razorbacks coach could happen by week's end. And depending on who you talk to, many say Bowden is the leading candidate. Top Stories