Bowden Meets with Bowers

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden rushed off from his press conference today to go see one of his most important recruits in the 2008 class- the No. 1 defensive end prospect in the nation DaQuan Bowers. How did the visit go? has all the answers in this recruiting update.

DL Daquan Bowers Profile

With a new contract extension in place, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden left campus today to meet with one of the top recruits in the nation - Bamberg-Ehrhardt defensive end DaQuan Bowers.

"Coach Bowden came by this afternoon," Bowers told "We had a lovely visit. It was just coach Bowden. He got here around 5. I picked him up at the airport. He left around 6."

Bowers said his talk with Bowden centered around his early enrollment and Clemson's plans for the spring.

"He talked about me coming in January. He talked about getting my academics stuff straight. He is looking forward to me coming in early and playing this spring," said Bowers. "I will play strong side defensive end this spring."

Obviously, Bowden also talked extensively about his new contract extension.

"He told us he just signed a contract for seven years. That will keep him and his staff at Clemson for a long time. That was real important that coach Bowden will be there for the whole time I am at Clemson. He was the head coach I wanted to play for," said Bowers.

The Shrine Bowl standout will start his Clemson career in just over a month.

"I will be in Clemson around the 8th or 9th," said Bowers.

The star defender has kept in frequent contact with two of the other "fab four."

"I talk to them about once a week. I think Brandon will commit. He is leaning to Clemson. We are going to be great with A.J. (Harmon), Jarrett (Crittenton) and Brandon (Thompson) on the line. We can be the 'fab four.' We can get it going pretty good," said Bowers.

What are Bowers thoughts as his high school career winds down?

"I am very excited about getting to Clemson. It is always a sad time when you have to leave home. I am going to another place that I feel like is my home as well," replied Bowers.

Former teammate Ricky Sapp spends a great deal of time with Bowers when he is home.

"We actually spent about the whole weekend together. I was with him Friday and Saturday night. He has had an excellent year on and off the field. He is excited about the bowl game," said Bowers.

The prize recruit has a message for Tiger fans.

"I can't wait to be a Tiger, officially," said Bowers. Top Stories