On the Record: Cullen Harper

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sat down with Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper to talk about the events of the past 24 hours, his health after having shoulder surgery and more.


What has the last 24 hours been like for you following what happened with the discussion of Arkansas coming after Tommy Bowden?
Harper: Well I didn't think too much about it but I got on the internet and looked around to see what people were saying. This morning (Tuesday), people were calling me and texting me about Coach Bowden and how serious it was with him going to Arkansas. But I always pretty confident he was coming back. Especially with the situation here and how much he loves it here. We have 18 guys coming back next year and could be preseason ranked in the top 10. We have a chance to be special next year. So with all that combined, I was never really worried about it.

So you never let yourself hit the point of wondering about what it would be like with a new coach?
Harper: That would have been tough. Having to re-start this spring and having to re-prove yourself with another coach. As a player that's not what you want. You want to sign and play with the guy you signed to play for coming out of high school.

How did your surgery go and do you expect to be 100 percent by the bowl game?
Harper: Surgery went real well. The day after the surgery I already felt better than I did after the South Carolina game. I just started throwing again today. It was a little sore as expected. But, I should be 100 percent by Saturday and definitely by the bowl game.

I know you have to be excited about the bowl game, especially playing Auburn in your home town of Atlanta. Can you talk about that?
Harper: I'm real excited. Growing up a Georgia fan it was always Georgia-Auburn. I always dreamed about a chance to play Auburn and to get to do it in my hometown is even better. They are nationally known. Strong SEC powerhouse team. It's just going to be a great matchup.

Talk about what that win over South Carolina meant for you this team and program during the offseason.
Harper: Coming off a win against South Carolina the atmosphere is different around here. Everybody is excited about where this program is headed. It's amazing what a win over your archrival can do. Especially going to Columbia and beating them the way that we did. Everybody's really excited and it gives us momentum going into the bowl game and momentum hopefully into next season.

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