Benton Rates Visit a "10"

Myrtle Beach kicker Spencer Benton traveled to Clemson for his official visit this weekend and also made a stop by the Shrine Bowl. has all the details in this recruiting update.

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Saturday afternoon Clemson verbal commitment Spencer Benton traveled to watch some of the Shrine Bowl in Spartanburg.

Like many in attendance, he left drenched in rain.

"I left in the first quarter. I didn't have the right clothes so I got soaked. I went up and watched practice on Thursday. I was bummed out that I didn't get to play. The crowd was so big. I was disappointed I wasn't out there," said Benton.

In case you haven't heard, an injury prevented Benton from playing in the Shrine Bowl for the Sandlappers.

"It was a stress fracture. It happened over time. It finally broke where I couldn't play any more in week 10. I was playing defensive back, receiver and kicker. I think I was just doing too much," said Benton.

The future Clemson kicker plans to be ready in time for spring practice.

"I am still in a back brace. I can still move around. It is getting a lot better. I will get out of the brace at the end of January," said Benton.

The Myrtle Beach standout took his official visit to Clemson over the weekend as he prepares to enroll in just a few weeks.

"I went up to Clemson on Thursday night for my official. My roommate Kyle Parker was also there. We selected where we wanted to live. I figured out all the deadlines to get my academics stuff in place. I figured out which classes I am going to take. I am going to major in biology," said Benton.

"Tyler Grisham was my host. Willy was Kyle's host. We went to a movie and hung out Friday night."

During his official visit, several coaches spent time with the Palmetto standout.

"We had breakfast and lunch with coach Swinney. We had dinner that night with one of the GA's and coach Spence. We went to coach Bowden's office Saturday morning. He spoke with me for about 45 minutes," said Benton.

How did Benton rate his official visit on a scale of one to 10?

"I would say 10. Everybody was so nice. It was top of the line. I enjoyed every minute of it," replied Benton.

Benton's family will pick up his cost at least for the first semester.

"I will pay my way for the first semester. After that we will see. If a spot comes open I won't have to pay next fall," said Benton.

The star kicker knows he may redshirt next year, but he plans to battle as hard as he can during spring practice.

"I know coach Bowden is loyal to his starters. I'm sure Mark will probably be the starter again next year and I will probably redshirt. I am going to give him a run for his money though," said Benton. Top Stories