Parker Enjoys Official Visit to Clemson - the only place to read QB Kyle Parker's weekly recruiting diary.

I went up to Clemson this weekend for my official visit. I just got home. I had to fly from Greenville to Atlanta to Jacksonville.

I went up by myself. My dad wanted me to experience what it will be like when I go to school at Clemson.

It was a good visit. I had a great time. The first night I hung out with Spencer Benton, Tyler Grisham and Willy Korn. Willy was my player host.

We went to the movies that night. We had a good time.

Willy and I got along real good. We had a good time together. He is glad I am coming up early to play baseball. It was kind of awkward because we will be competing against each other. We got along great. It will just be a friendly competition.

I have everything setup to go. I just need to get my transcript to Clemson.

I met with coach Bowden on Saturday. It was a good visit. I really like him. He's a great coach.

We talked about the baseball situation and how it will go this spring. He is real supportive and understanding. He is real cool headed and approachable.

I met with the baseball coaches during the visit. I got to size my uniform. I talked to them about my schedule once I get up there. I am not sure what number I will wear yet. I would like to stay with eight, but we will have to see what is open.

We got everything setup for our apartment. Spencer and I figured out what each of us would bring.

For the next few weeks I am just going to hang out with my family. I want to enjoy it while I am here.

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