Parker Packing for Tigertown

One of Clemson's highest rated recruits is packing up his things as he gets ready to enroll in less than two weeks.

QB Kyle Parker Profile

Four-star quarterback Kyle Parker has written a diary for through his entire senior season. Today, he discusses his final days before leaving home.

I have just been spending time with people before I leave. I just got back from a hunting trip. I went with my friend Scott. We went over to a hunting ranch over near the Gulf. My brother shot a hog that was about 250 pounds.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Georgia with my family. All family is from Georgia.

I got a call a week or so ago. One of the quarterbacks for the Under Armor All-star game got hurt so they want me to play. Xavier Brewer and I will be playing in that game. Jamie Harper is also playing in that game. When I looked at the roster there are like five players already committed to Clemson. There are another four that are seriously considering Clemson.

I will be heading to Orlando on the 30th. They will have a lot of fun things setup for us. All of the practices will be held on ESPN U. The skills competition will also be on ESPN. I am excited about the opportunity.

I am going to start to pack up things for Clemson tomorrow. I won't have much time. When we get back from Georgia, I will be heading over to Orlando for the practices.

I am heading up to Clemson on the 6th. Spencer Benton and I will be rooming together. Our moms are talking about everything. They enjoy working on that.

My family has been very supportive. They support me in whatever I do. They know it is time for me to go. It is going to be hard transitioning to college and becoming more independent.

I am excited about being in Clemson's athletic program. I look forward to the support of the fans. At so many schools there are so many politics. I never go the opportunity to have such a strong athletic program and fan support.

I saw Jamie Harper today. We were both part of the Super 24 area team. We got announced at the Jaguars game. I got the offensive player of the year for the city.

I have been swinging the bat a little bit. I have just been hitting the batting cages. They say when I get up to Clemson they will put me in a hitting group with some others. I can't wait. Top Stories