ATLANTA – Each day while Clemson is in Atlanta preparing for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Tigers star running back and Atlanta native James Davis will give an account of what he's been doing on a daily basis and what his thoughts are about those experiences.

Christmas was real good. I spent it with my family and my daughter and had a real good time. We had a Christmas party on Christmas Eve and then the next day we woke up and had a family Christmas, so it was pretty exciting.

My daughter got a lot of stuff. It was a lot of stuff for a 1-year-old. Her main thing is Dora The Explorer, so she got a lot of that stuff. I got a new phone and I got a lot of gift cards. That was about all I got. I'm a guy that doesn't ask for much. I'm a guy that likes giving.

(The one bad gift) was I got a t-shirt from my aunt that was too small. She wound up getting me an extra large, and I was like (what in the world). So I wound up giving it to my little brother. I was amazed by that.

We had to be here last night at 7:50, so I left my house at 7:40. I got an advantage over a lot of guys. I know the places around here, so I can take shortcuts and make it to places on time.

I got here last night and ate some good food here in the hotel. One weird thing happened last night. Some strange guy started chasing (linebacker Cortney Vincent) and a couple of the walk-on guys down the street in front of the hotel. It was pretty funny because some old man was chasing them and I was laughing and not knowing what was going on. This morning we woke up and had a good breakfast downstairs (in the hotel) and had some meeting. Everything is looking real good for us right now. Then we came here and I had a good practice and so did the while team. We didn't do any tackling, but we did a lot of hitting today. You've got to get some contact before game time comes.

Right now, we're just focusing in on everything we've got to do to get the win. We're giving it everything we've got. We're going out there and giving it our best. Auburn's going to be tough. The offensive line, quarterbacks, everybody has got to step up for this game.

It's definitely going to be a big atmosphere for everybody, so I think that's the time when you're supposed to step up and play your big game.

Talk to you guys tomorrow ... James. Top Stories