Thompson Down to LSU, Clemson

One of the top defensive line recruits in the nation is very close to announcing a decision.

Defensive tackle Brandon Thompson is now down to two schools, one in the SEC and one in the ACC. This standout from South Georgia has looked good all week in Orlando at the Under Armour All-America practices.

For defensive tackle Brandon Thompson it almost decision time. Thompson, from Thomasville (Ga.) High School, is down to two schools – Clemson and LSU.

"I think I fit in well at Clemson and I like hanging out with those guys," said Thompson. "Clemson is a school where I just feel good at.

"At LSU, I love the fans and the stadium. I was there for the Virginia Tech game and it was a great visit."

So why is Thompson waiting?

"I am pretty much waiting to see what happens at LSU with their defensive coordinator. Their coach (Bo Pellini) is leaving and I want to see what they do. It could be (John) Tenuta or a guy there (Doug Mallory) or someone else. I am not sure.

"I just need to figure this thing out. It could be anytime now. I am looking at coaching staffs, academics and the place where I feel I fit in the best."

One thing perhaps beneficial to Clemson is Thompson is playing in the Under Armour ESPN All-America game. His teammates are Tiger commitments Andre Ellington, Xavier Brewer, Daquan Bowers and Xavier Brewer. I am sure he has heard a few positive words about Clemson from them.

"I have and they are good guys. We have all become friends."

Thompson has been a standout here in Orlando all week. Thompson, 6-2 and 285 pounds, is playing both defensive tackle and end. "It's been fun and I think I have practiced hard. It's been different because these guys are good, they are big and they are fast."

If big Brandon could take one player off his all-star squad to either Clemson or LSU, who would it be?

"It would have to be E.J. (Manuel). He is big, strong and a great quarterback, a great player. He's also a humble guy that seems like a great leader."

On the '07 season, Thompson finished with 65 tackles and 21 sacks. Top Stories