Final Kyle Parker Diary

In this final diary future Clemson QB Kyle Parker talks about his thoughts on his future teammates, enrolling in school and Saturday's Under Armour All-American game.

I am on the road right now heading up to Clemson. I am coming up with my mom and my dad.

The Under-Armour All American experience was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was really fun.

Clemson is getting some great players. Andre Ellington is a player. I didn't know he is that good. He is real quick and has some moves. He is a really, really good running back.

It was pretty cool getting to play with Jamie Harper again. Andre and Jamie really got along great all week. If Clemson gets both Andre and Jamie they are going to be a really good backfield. If we get both of them we will have a deadly offense. We all enjoyed playing together.

Daquan Bowers is a freak. I have never seen anyone with such God given ability. The things he can do are unbelievable. I'm glad he will be my teammate this week.

I kind of have mixed emotions today. It is hard leaving home, but you have to grow up sometime. Everyone is handling it pretty good.

It is definitely going to be a little different next weekend when I am a Clemson student when all of the recruits come in for the big weekend. I have talked to others about it. I don't think I will know what it is like until I have experienced it first hand. I am going to do the best I can.

I don't know when I will start baseball. I am going to get settled in the next few days then I will call the coaches. They will be putting me in a hitting group. We don't start practice until February. Top Stories