The Search with Stephon Gilmore - Week 2

South Pointe (S.C.) two-way standout Stephon Gilmore, one of the top juniors in the southeast, is doing a weekly diary on to document his recruiting process from start to finish.


I was in San Antonio last week for the U.S. Army junior combine. I went out there and played well. I played corner because that is where I expect to play in college. The only thing I didn't like was you couldn't really play press coverage in the drills. We weren't in pads so you couldn't hit anyone either.

I ran a 4.49 forty. I had a 4.3 in the shuttle.

It was a good experience. I saw a lot of other good players out there.

We went to the game. It was a good experience. I thought Terrrelle Pryor did the best in the game.

I watched some of the bowl games. I watched the Ohio State game against LSU. I thought LSU won the game on defense. Their defense impressed me the most. I like their speed and their style of play.

Devonte Holloman couldn't make it out to San Antonio. I talked to him earlier today. We talked about how I did in basketball.

We came in third place in the Charleston tournament [in basketball]. I made the All Tourney team for that one. We had a game against Rock Hill. We won by one point. I had 22 points in that game.

I am starting to get a lot of letters from different schools. They are asking me to come down and see their school. They want me to come down for basketball games. I am getting the most mail right now from LSU, Florida State, Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson and South Carolina. I am also getting a lot of mail from other schools with their basketball schedules.

It will be hard to take visits right now because of my basketball schedule. I will probably take some after the season is over though.

I am doing well in the classroom right now. This is probably my best year I've had in the classroom. Top Stories