Top Longsnapper Visits Clemson checks in with Matt Skinner for a recruiting update after his official visit to Clemson.

LS Matt Skinner Profile

Can you talk about your official visit and what you did during your time on campus?
Skinner: The visit was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I'm excited about coming to Clemson.

Who came with you on your trip?
Skinner: Me, my mom and dad.

What were some of the highlights of your visit?
Skinner: I really like going down to the locker room and put on a jersey. And then also, hanging out with the players. Kyle Parker, Willy Korn. I had a great time with those guys.

How would you rate the visit on a scale of one to 10?
Skinner: I would definitely give it a 10. It was a great visit.

How did your conversations go with the coaching staff?
Skinner: That went really well. They are looking for me to contribute next year at the long snapper spot. They think I can definitely play early.

Did you hear about any verbal commitments this weekend?
Skinner: No, but we worked a lot on R.J. Mattes and I think Daniel Andrews may have committed too so I think it was a good weekend. I thought Daniel may wait on Jamie but he didn't I guess.

Skinner remains firm to Clemson and will take no other official visits in the recruiting process. Top Stories