AUDIO: Oliver Purnell Postgame

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell after Saturday's win over FSU.


OPENING STATEMENT: I don't think any of our fans that have seen our first two ACC games will miss another ACC game all year. That was a wail of a basketball game; we had some heroics from Book (Trevor Booker), he hit a big shot, then Mays gets a tip-in to send us into the next overtime. I think our three-point shooting, along with our full court press, kind of wore them down in the end. We hit some big shots tonight. It seems like a long time ago we were playing regulation. I thought our guys played with determination and passion. It was great that we won.

MENTAL HANGOVER AFTER CHARLOTTE: Obviously, we are upset about the Charlotte loss, but we have to throw that out. It was tough to get ready for this ballgame, but we met this challenge.

ON OGLESBY: If the ball goes into the paint and he's open, he can shoot it. Tonight, we put him in to play against the zone. He works really hard; he spends hours and hours in the gym, even during the season, sometimes six, eight, ten hours. Tomorrow he'll be in there shooting.

ON TREVOR BOOKER: Book's developing his game all the time. We've been working with him on the three. He needs to be able to shoot that shot to keep teams honest. I told him he needed to take more of a leadership role with Mays' injury.

ON CONFIDENCE OF WINNING: A lot more. If you lose three in a row like that, it hurts your confidence. Top Stories