Six Pack of Questions with K. Parker

CLEMSON - talks with freshman QB Kyle Parker about spring practice, the recruiting process, baseball and which sport he'll be focusing on the next eight weeks.

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How are you going to split up your time this spring with baseball and football?
Parker: Well for January and February I'm going to be focusing on baseball. I'll also be going through football practices (mat drills). I think Jacoby and C.J. are going to mat drills so they want me to go there. If I have a baseball game that day then I go to that. Then I'm going to kind of feel my way through the rest.

Talk about your decision to come to Clemson. Was it because Clemson will let you play both sports?
Parker: When I committed here I just felt comfortable here. I just felt like this was the place I should be. The other schools that were recruiting me, the situation wasn't that much better.

At any point did you ever consider entering the Major League Baseball draft?
Parker: I didn't enter the draft but they were predicting I would get drafted this year. Somewhere in the top seven rounds is what they were saying. But you can't leave now until after you've been in school three years.

What position will you be playing in baseball?
Parker: Right now they want me as a catcher but I can play a couple of other positions.

What has it been like for you trying to learn football and baseball?
Parker: It's been very busy. School is probably the hardest thing to get used to. I've been busy ... football practice, baseball practice. But everybody has been really understanding so far.

What are you looking to do this year in terms of football?
Parker: Pretty much this year for football I'll probably redshirt. So I'll come in and learn the offense and try to get used to everything. We ran the spread in high school and played for a pretty good coach. It's going to be a hard adjustment learning all the plays.

Talk about playing with Daquan Bowers at the all-star game. How impressive was he?
Parker: He's an awesome player. He's a funny guy. He'll help our team out. It will be interesting to see how he contributes because he's a dominating player. He's a freak. Top Stories