Six Pack of Questions with D. Bowers

CLEMSON - checked in with freshman defensive end DaQuan Bowers to get his thoughts on spring practice and his first week on campus.

DE Daquan Bowers Profile


You obviously come to Clemson with a lot of expectations considering how most recruiting services view your abilities. What are some of your goals for the season and for spring practice?
Bowers: I hope to accomplish a lot. My main goal is to help the team win. I want to be victorious. That's what I want to do.

What was it about Clemson that really made you want to side here?
Bowers: Clemson was always one of my top choices. When I came for my visit, I explored a lot. I loved the academic side as well as the athletics. This was just the place for me.

As far as playing time this season, what are thinking right now? It seems like there is a hole there on the defensive line with Phillip Merling moving onto the NFL.
Bowers: Well Phillip is gone now ... but there are a lot of great athletes behind him. They are all coming back so maybe I will be able to fill that role somewhere down the line. Being a freshman on campus it's going to be hard to come in and say I'm going to take somebody's job. I'm just looking forward to learning from those guys that have been in the program for a while and take me under their wing and show me what I need to learn.

Talk about the skills you bring to the table here. What makes you stand out?
Bowers: Well I'm a big guy but I move pretty quickly also. That's a big attribute. I run a 4.5 forty at 270 pounds. I don't think that's too bad.

Has anybody talked with you about playing as a short-yardage fullback given your credentials?
Bowers: No I haven't heard that. If it helps the team, then of course I'd be interested.

You've been on campus now for a week as one of the top recruits in the nation. Do the students on campus know who you are?
Bowers: A lot of kids recognize my face but some don't. Some come up to me and ask me how I'm doing. But so far it hasn't really been bad. Top Stories