Bowden Meets with Brandon Thompson checks in with Brandon Thompson after his in-home meeting with Tommy Bowden. What's the latest on his top schools? What about a commitment timeframe? Read on to find out!

DT Brandon Thompson Profile

The Clemson staff showed up in mass Thursday night to see the top defensive tackle prospect on their 2008 recruiting board- four-star defensive tackle Brandon Thompson.

"It went good," Thompson told afterwards. "They got here around 4:30 I think. They left around 9:30. Coach Vic, coach Rumph, coach Napier and coach Bowden all came."

What message did the staff have for Thompson?

"They just gave me the same message. They want me to come play at Clemson. They want me to be a productive student," replied Thompson.

The Georgia standout arrived late for the visit.

"I wasn't there for a lot of the meeting. They talked a lot with my parents. I got there at the end because I had basketball practice," said Thompson.

When asked if he made a commitment, Thompson responded, "No, I did not. I am not sure when I will be ready. I am really not sure."

Coaches from LSU, FSU and Georgia Tech also visited the Thompson household this week and the four-star defensive tackle also said he expects more next week as well.

"I think all of them will send someone by again next week. It gets a little tiring. I will be glad when it is over," said Thompson. Top Stories