Another 4-Star Contemplating Clemson Visit

The Clemson Tigers are involved with a four-star lineman who was visited by two Tiger coaches earlier this week. Read on for details.

OL Bobby Massie Profile

Two members of the Clemson coaching staff made a trip to Virginia this week to visit 4-star lineman Bobbie Massie.

"They came up to my school on Wednesday," he said. "Coach Powell and coach Scott came. They told me to come on down for a visit. They wanted me to know they are still interested in me. They talk to me every now and then. They have never been up to the school before. They just came up to see me at school."

Will the Tigers get an official visit?

"I may go down for an official visit on January 25. I am not sure yet," said Massie. "I am still committed to Virginia Tech, but I have to go to prep school anyway."

Clemson is the only school other than the Hokies to visit.

"I haven't really talked to anybody else. It is only Clemson and Virginia Tech," said Massie.

The prize recruit plans to attend prep school in Virginia next year.

"I will be going to Hargrave. I need to work on my grades and my test score," said Massie.

What are the chances the Virginia standout will visit Clemson?

"It is about 50 percent right now," replied Massie.

The top lineman finished his season strong.

"Everything has been going good. We won the state championship. I did well. I got selected for the Offense Defense All American game." Top Stories