Britt Comments on the Big Decision

Jarrod Britt decided to pull back on his commitment to Clemson University last night. In this report, the Britt family comments on that decision and talks about his future recruitment by other schools in the south.

Jarrod Britt Profile

Making one of the most difficult decisions of your life can be tough, especially when it comes down to where you'd like to go live out the entire college experience.

Earlier this week, Jarrod Britt decided to decommit from Clemson University and cancel his official visit lined up for January 10th.

"I wanted to apologize to everyone out there for the timing of our decision," said Don Britt. "I made the mistake in allowing Jarrod to committ so soon. I respect Clemson University to the highest degree."

"But I did not think it was fair to string the coaches along and in late January and then make a switch. At least now they can find another athlete to fill that scholarship."

"At this point we don't have a clue as to where Jarrod will be playing football next year. I assure you the decision to de-committ came with much agony, But at least now we feel we are being honest with all parties including Clemson University," added Britt.

"The decision last night was in no way to belittle, what I consider one of the finest universities in the south."

Jarrod will now visit South Carolina on December 13th, Alabama on January 24th, and Florida on January 17th. He is also expected to add at least one more trip to that schedule in the coming weeks. Top Stories