Six Pack of Questions with M. Jones

CLEMSON - spoke with freshman wide receiver Marquan Jones about his role in Clemson's offense this season.

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Marquan I've watched you on film during your senior season at Blythewood and also a good bit at the Shrine Bowl. To me, you look like a carbon copy of Chansi Stuckey. Is that how you see yourself in this offense?
Jones: Well it's kind of hard to be up there with an outstanding athlete like Chansi. I don't know if I can fill Chansi Stuckey's shoes> I can only I can be like a Chansi Stuckey. I can only hope.

Why did you decide to enroll early at Clemson?
Jones: It was more about academics. I wanted to get ahead. I wanted to know what it was like without the pressure of football. My dad told me education first. I wanted to learn the playbook and everything first.

What has your first week of class been like?
Jones: It's been good. The tutoring has been good. Everything is goind well.

Have you been involved in offseason workouts yet?
Jones: Oh yeah. The first workout was yesterday. My body is sore right now, as we speak. I was also involved in something called "the next level." So I've been working hard.

Have you looked at the playbook yet or learned any of the plays?
Jones: I'm looking forward to learning. I talked to Coach Spence the other day and stepped in the office for a little bit so I could pick up some things. But that will come later on.

What do you think of a day like this where the freshmen are all brought in and there are 20 media members here wanting to know everything about you? Is that a surprise to you that so many people are interested in hearing what you have to say?
Jones: Not really. I had a lot of interviews in the past. This is a great experience that goes along with this experience. I don't mind talking. Top Stories