Gaddis Speaks from the Heart

Clemson verbal commitment QB C.J. Gaddis speaks on what everybody around Tiger Town has been wondering over the course of the last few weeks. Is he still honoring that verbal commitment to Clemson University? Gaddis speaks straight up with in this indepth interview.

QB C.J. Gaddis
6'1, 190, 4.4
Hoke County High School
Raeford, North Carolina

C.J. Gaddis, one of the Tigers' first verbal commitments this past summer out of Hoke County High School in Raeford, North Carolina, has watched the Tigers very intently over the course of the past few weeks.

And why not? Gaddis, one of the most sought after recruits in the Tar Heel state, could go to any number of schools around the southeast if he decided to change his mind.

And that's the million-dollar question, has C.J. Gaddis decided to take back out on his verbal commitment to Clemson University?

"I'm coming to Clemson, I definitely am, but I'll still be straight up with you. I've been watching them, I see a bunch of talented guys out there and I think honestly I think they are playing with no heart." said Gaddis. "I mean look at how talented that roster is, there is no way we should be at 4-4 right now."

"It disappoints me to see us playing like that, I know we are better than 4-4. Especially this past Thursday night, we just got smashed right in the mouth," added Gaddis.

"All we need to do is just wake up and play, that's all. I know there is some soul searching going on out there, but if you look at the roster there is talent everywhere. They've got a couple of games left to put it together, and I think they can do it."

Gaddis is having a strong year for Hoke County, even though rainstorms have forced his team to stay more with the ground game this year. Overall, he's directed the Bucks to a 6-3 record, but the last two games (both losses) have him a bit concerned.

"We just lost this past weekend, it was tied in the 4th quarter, and the game before that was close too. We've got our big rivalry games coming up so we'll be ready to play."

"I feel pretty good about how I'm playing. I know could do better individually, but my job is to quarterback team. I have to lead this team, and that's what I'm focused on right now," said Gaddis.

Make no mistake about it, C.J. Gaddis remains a Tiger, and he's ready to get down to Clemson to make his mark on the program.

"I bleed orange and purple, and I'm going to be there next year. Coach Bowden and Coach O'Cain were the two big reasons that I even considered Clemson in the first place. Coach O'Cain calls me every Sunday and we'll talk for a good while just about anything," said Gaddis.

"Talking to him is just like having friendly conversation, it's great. We've bonded a lot more than any other coaches I've ever spoken with."

On the season, Gaddis has thrown and rushed for over 800 yards, but the ultimate goal still lies out there in front him.

"We've got a good chance to get far in the playoffs this year. A lot of the teams up here are saying, that they have slowed Hoke County down, or slowed C.J. Gaddis down; we just need to find other ways to win the game, and we can do it, I know we can," said Gaddis.

Gaddis will take another visit down to Clemson in November to see the Tigers' annual battle with the South Carolina Gamecocks, but as it stands now, the Tigers have themselves one heck of a quarterback coming in next season. Top Stories