Bowden Visits Richt

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden and assistant coach Brad Scott traveled to Athens Wednesday night to meet with future Clemson quarterback Jon Richt. How did the meeting go? How did coach Richt split time between his son's official visit and his recruiting duties at Georgia? has the latest.

Wednesday evening Tommy Bowden and Brad Scott had an in-home visit with Jon Richt.

"Coach Bowden and coach Scott came by today," he said. "They came by the house. They ate dinner with me and my family."

How did the conversations go with coach Bowden?

"We sat around and had dinner. My dad has known both of them for a while so we just sat around and talked. We didn't really talk about football. We just talked about how everyone was happy that I am going to Clemson," replied Richt.

Earlier this month Richt took his official visit to Clemson.

"It was great. We had a great time. I had a good time getting to know the guys. I got to hang out with them that night," said Richt.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt was able to spend some time with his son at Clemson that weekend.

"He came up Saturday and went on the tours with us. He stayed that night and left early Sunday morning so he could say bye to his recruits," said Richt.

Jon requested his player host for the weekend.

"I got Kyle Parker as my host. I requested him so that I could get to know him better. We had a lot of fun," said Richt.

The Georgia standout is already working hard to prepare for Clemson.

"I am working physically and mentally to prepare myself. I am watching some film. My dad is helping me a lot. I am also working out in the Georgia weight room with one of the trainers. I am up to about 190," said Richt.

What is Richt looking forward to the most about getting to Clemson?

"It would probably just be starting over. I am ready to start my own path and get my own life going," replied the star quarterback. Top Stories