Boone Will Visit Clemson

Cedric Boone, one of the top defensive tackles in the southeast said Monday evening that he will indeed visit the Tigers on an official visit. Hear what else the big guy had to say in this exclusive interview with

DT Cedric Boone
6'4 320 5.2
Americus High School
Americus, Georgia

Defensive ends are hard to come by when it comes to recruiting, but defensive tackles might be even more difficult to find. The Tigers will once again be searching for a big time prospect to emerge headed into signing day, and Americus High School's Cedric Boone, just might be the answer.

Boone has incredible strength for a high school kid, bench-pressing over 500 pounds as a junior.

"You're not going to believe this," said Americus Coach Eric Soliday in an interview with Scott Kennedy, "but Cedric bench presses about 505 pounds. One of the coaches that came to recruit Cedric didn't believe me either; we took him into the weight room and made a believer out of him."

Here's what one of the top defensive tackles in the southeast had to say about his season, and recruitment in general in his latest interview with

How have things been going for you so far this season?
Boone: We've been looking real good, real good. Right now we are 7-0. I've been playing well, but I know all my stats offhand.

I know you've been hearing from a lot of schools since last spring, which schools are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Boone: I would say Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Clemson, and Tennessee.

Would you have a top 5?
Boone: You know, not really. All of those schools are just about even right now.

Have you been to any college football games this fall?
Boone: Yeah, I went to the Georgia-Tennessee game a couple of weeks ago. It was a good game. It was a long ride for us to get up there. It was about 152 miles.

Has Clemson been in touch with you recently?
Boone: Yes sir, they have been calling me every week since the beginning of the season.

Which coach has been your primary recruiter from Clemson?
Boone: Coach Stockstill.

Which schools will you making an official visit to this fall?
Boone: The only two I know for sure right now are Clemson and South Carolina. I haven't planned on going anywhere else yet, just South Carolina and Clemson.

Anything you are looking for in particular when you are deciding on your school of choice?
Boone: No not really, I just want to go where I feel the most comfortable. I'm not going to rush into making a decision or anything.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Cedric for taking the time to speak with us. We will continue to keep you updated on his recruitment throughout the coming months. Top Stories