Napier Discusses Incredible Class

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson recruiting coordinator Billy Napier breakdown his 2008 class.


ON SIGNING SO MANY HIGHLY RANKED PLAYERS: I think a lot of the credit goes to each assistant coach involved in the recruiting process and our head football coach goes into living rooms and closed some deals down the stretch. Mainly it's hard work. Being persistent and continue to do your best every week.

ON THE JOB OF DABO SWINNEY: WE got him on a plane to Vegas (laughing). He's an inspriation to all of us. His effort and the way he handles his schedule with his family I think he's a special person. We are realizing if you get him pointed in the right direction with the right guy he can go out and recruit with the best of them.

ON JAMIE HARPER: He's 227 pounds and has been clocked at 4.3 at several different combines by several different people. He's a complete player. A physical kid. If you watch him on defense, he's a heckuva a linebacker. We all know after watching the Under Armour game he's a great pass catcher too. He can do all the things we'll ask him to do.

ON DUPLICATING THIS SUCCESS NEXT YEAR: I think just watching our guys work today, they expect to win. We've built a football team here over the last three or four years where you aren't going to have the letdowns you've had here in the past. That starts with recruiting. We have to do a great job in this state. That's where it starts. We have to get the best players in the state of South Carolina at Clemson. Then we have to compete in our neighboring states ... in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida and beat those schools in those states. Stability has a lot to do with that. When there is no quetion about who is going to be here and who is in charge you can get early commitments and keep those commitments.

ON HOW IT HELPS RECRUITING TO HAVE A PLAYER LIKE DAQUAN BOWERS: We were talking in the office a little while ago when he was on television. He spent a good 10 minutes talking about our class. That kind of coverage is priceless. There are kids watching all over the country. That's the kind of media attention you need to become a premier program. Top Stories