Clemson Assistants Discuss Signees

Here are brief some thoughts from members of the Clemson coaching staff as told to following one of the more successful recruiting days in school history.

Recruiting coordinator Billy Napier on the success of fellow assistant Dabo Swinney:
"Dabo Swinney, I think we've got him on a plane to Las Vegas right now to go out and test the blackjack tables (because he's on such a hot streak). You get him pointed in the right direction on the right guys and he can go out there and recruit with the best of them."

Chris Rumph on his recruit Dwayne Allen, a tight end who caught Georgia off guard by coming to Clemson:
"We weren't caught off guard, but it was a little bit of a surprise. I knew there was a chance (he'd come to Clemson), but we had no communication with him at all today. The first communication we had was when he called me and said, ‘Hey coach, I'm a Tiger.' (The coaches) started high-fiving each other and doing a lot of yelling."

Dabo Swinney on the incredible success he had on the recruiting trail this year:
"It's not about me. This is a great team thing we have here. We have a very unselfish staff. It just turned out that this year I had a lot of the players that we wanted. … Clemson is an awesome place to go out and promote and I'm passionate about this place and the people here."

Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning on all the talent coming to Clemson on the defensive side of the ball:
"We singed the number one high school defensive end in the country and the number one or one of the top junior college defensive ends in the country and we filled a lot of needs with some of secondary guys and we signed a blue-chip guy on the inside of the defensive front.

"It would be nice for one of these years on defense to not have to play most of your freshmen. I know that's said easier on signing day after they sign, but the truth being if we're going to play the best players and if you're recruiting at a high, high level, as we seem to be improving upon every year, then you're going to play the best players and you're going to have to play some freshmen.

"Only time will tell how many we signed today will be playing this fall, but I think it's a safe bet that a good number will be."

Napier on still landing running back Jamie Harper even after James Davis decided to come back to Clemson for his senior year:
"We kind of had to re-recruit him. I think the set of circumstances that he based his decision (early on) changed. And like any good many that's got a good head on his shoulders, it didn't necessarily change his mind, but he had to reevaluate the whole picture. And he did. But regardless of what James did, it was still a good situation at the running back position.

"I think James had told him early, early in the process that, "Hey, I'm going out." And (Harper) had that in his head and when it happened, he said, ‘Hey, it happened just like I thought and I'm coming (to Clemson).' But we kind of hard to re-recruit him." Top Stories