AUDIO: Purnell Previews Georgia Tech

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell talk about Thursday night's game against Georgia Tech as well as talk about his team has recovered since Sunday's debacle in Chapel Hill, N.C.

OPENING STATEMENT: Seems like I've said this a gazillion times this year but we've got a very important game coming up against Georgia Tech tomorrow night. I think it's important to play well and I think it's important to play at the level beyond [where we've been playing] because if we don't we could be in trouble against a team that has been playing extremely well on the road in the league.

ON PRACTICE SINCE THE NORTH CAROLINA GAME: Our one practice has been good. I think, and I suspect that speaks to the maturity of our team and what we've been going through. .. the injuries, the tough losses, everything makes us who we are at this point which I think is a pretty good basketball team. I like our team going down the stretch. I think we are in a good place right now. Time will tell but I like what I saw in our first practice.

IS GEORGIA TECH UNDERRATED? Of course they are. They lost a number of games early. They had some injuries. Their point guard was out for a long period of time. They took North Carolina to a close game at a home. They've won close games. You go on the road and win three games in this league you are a pretty good basketball team. Obviously they are a good team. You are playing in the ACC so if your .500 you can be excellent. Top Stories