Midlands Safety Visiting Clemson

Damario Jeffrey, safety from Columbia, (S.C.), has collected several scholarship offers, and two new schools have entered the mix.

S Damario Jeffery Profile

"I recently received new offers from N.C. State and Alabama," said Damario Jeffrey. "I don't know when N.C. State offered, but Alabama offered me about two weeks ago. I never really thought about Alabama, but then I started looking in to the school. It's a great school, and they have Nick Saban.

"Alabama and Virginia Tech are now tied for my top two schools. After them it would be Clemson, North Carolina, South Carolina and Marshall."

Jeffrey's high interest in the Hokies is due to Virginia Tech's reputation as great defensive team.

"I love them," he said. "They have a great defense from year to year. I want to play for the best defense in the country. I like how they play their safeties. Virginia Tech and Alabama are both recruiting me to play safety."

Jeffrey took a visit to South Carolina for Junior Day, and he has now returned from Chapel Hill for an unofficial visit.

"The visit to North Carolina was good," he said. "I loved everything. When they start winning games they are going to start pulling in some major prospects. I talked to their coaches for a while. They said they wanted me to be their first commit. They showed me how they work out and stuff like that.

"North Carolina is also recruiting me to play safety. They are one of the top academic schools in the nation. I like that. I like their weight room as well."

Jeffrey recorded 109 tackles, five interceptions, four sacks and four forced fumbles. On offense he caught 12 passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns and also added 10 rushes for 130 yards and four touchdowns.

He plans to attend Junior Day at Clemson (2/23) next weekend.

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