The Day After: Payne and Jeffrey

After a hard sell from South Carolina are Chris Payne and Damario Jeffrey still committed to Clemson? spoke with both Columbia high standouts on Sunday and we've got the latest.

Saturday afternoon during a visit to Clemson for Junior Day Columbia High School's Damario Jeffrey and Chris Payne verbally committed to Clemson.

By Sunday morning there are already questions about their commitments. Both players spoke with on Sunday.

Damario Jeffrey told, "My commitment is solid, but I am still open. I am still committed to Clemson, but I am going to look around at other schools."

Sunday morning Damario and his teammate Chris Payne visited with the South Carolina coaching staff.

"Yeah, we just got back from there about 20 minutes ago. They called my head coach yesterday and wanted us to stay open minded. They told us about the renovations. They will be number one next year. Everything will be state of the art," said Jeffrey.

The South Carolina staff put on a hard sell for Jeffrey and his teammate Sunday.

"They did," he said. "They told me I should commit to South Carolina and help make them better. They said they need backups at safety. They said I could come in and backup for one year and then start at safety. They said all of their facilities will be state of the art next year."

So does Jeffrey still consider himself a Clemson verbal commit?

"As of now I like Clemson, but you never know what will happen," replied Jeffrey.

When asked if he was the Clemson staff would he continue to go after other safeties, Jeffrey responded, "If I were them I would have a backup plan. I would have some other safeties ready because I don't know what I am going to do."

Chris Payne, Jeffrey's teammate who also committed to Clemson, told, "We are committed, but we are still open. We told them yesterday that we were committed, but we are still open. We will continue to look at other schools."

When asked if Payne considers himself a commitment to Clemson, he said, "Yes, as of right now."

How did the visit to South Carolina go for Payne?

"We went over to South Carolina this morning. Coach Reeves talked about how they are building an academic center. He said their safeties are leaving. He wants us to stay home and be a hometown hero and that is what I want to be. I have always been a fan of South Carolina, but the academic center through me off. So when they showed me the 200 million dollar facilities they are working on," replied Payne.

The pressure will build for the two Columbia high stars as the Palmetto powers battle for their services.

"We are going to have to handle it. I don't think the pressure will be too bad," said Payne. Top Stories