Updated Holloman Recruiting Diary

"I started AAU workouts last week. We have got a pretty good little team. We are going to travel around a lot. I hope to catch some eyes in basketball," says Holloman.

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Basketball was my first love. I am not ready to let that go. I really want to do both in college. Football has presented itself more, so it seems like I don't want to do basketball, but I really do.

I also started workouts with Velocity Sports (VTO) last week. Vince Jacobs runs the complex. They have lots of equipment you wouldn't have at home. It is really a nice place. It is like a warehouse. They have a 100 yard indoor track. They have a 50 yard turf field. They have all kinds of equipment.

I am going to work on my 40 time. I am going to work on my explosiveness.

There are six of us working out together. Makiri Pugh and a player from Virginia Tech are there with use. Most of them are college guys trying to get to the league. I am the youngest one.

Texas A&M is a big surprise the last week or so. They are starting to send more mail. Notre Dame has a new recruiting coordinator for North Carolina. We are developing a good relationship.

I talked to coach Napier at Clemson last week. I think I am going to make it down for a spring practice. I am going to go down and spend a day during spring break. I need to talk to my dad and pick a day.

Hopefully I will make it to a couple of other schools during spring break. I might go down to Tennessee. It depends on how my dad's schedule is that week. I definitely want to go somewhere that I haven't been yet. I want to see a new place so I can compare.

Things have not slowed down at all after basketball ended. I am very busy with VTO training and basketball. I have football and basketball on Thursday so I need to work on that. I am going to try to balance that out.

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