CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

CLEMSON - Watch head coach Tommy Bowden address the media after the first practice of spring.

OPENING COMMENTS: There are a couple of things fresh in mind. It was a real bad to practice because the wind was blowing around it was right at 30 degrees, but it was a good practice. Anytime you have a large number of upperclassmen, which we did, and some pretty competitive positions, it can create a pretty good environment. I'm real pleased with Rendrick Taylor and Jock McKissic. Real pleased with both of those guys. Those are two seniors that are looking to help the team and give themselves a better opportunity to play. Even with the wind, our throwing and catching were pretty good under the circumstances.

ON NAMING SPECIAL TEAMS COORDINATOR: I finally had a guy come in and ask for it. I had a guy with a background (Andre Powell). He wanted it when he came here. More or less what he's going to do is organize meetings. For the first time in my career, you are always looking to change and improve your program, to try and get to the 10 win season and the championship season and all of that. For the first time we are having special teams meetings throughout the spring. We're devoting more time to special teams in the spring. By that, traditionally we just do field goal and extra point and punt protection in the spring. Now we are going to do all phases now and rotate them. Top Stories