AUDIO: Purnell Press Conference

CLEMSON - Listen to head coach Oliver Purnell after Sunday's thrilling win over Virginia Tech.


OPENING STATEMENT: This is a special day in our program. It would have been had we won or lost but it feels a heckuva lot better to win. These seniors put their stamp on this program. They are the big reason that most of those other young players are here. They are probably a big reason I'm still here. All they have done is get better and better and better. They have worked their tails off to move us into the upper echolon in the ACC. Those guys are major major contributors. It was only fitting they were on the floor at the end making big defensive stop after big defensive stop. Big block after big block and big steal after big steal. Virginia Tech is playing awfully well. They took our best shot in the first half and hung in there. They stayed close and then led. It was anybody's ball game. Once again, and we've said so many times, it's a three minute game or a six minute game. We've won our share of those. That's a reason we are in third place in the ACC. A special day for our program, for me and for our seniors. I hope they remember it for the rest of their lives. Top Stories