VIDEO: Interview with Da'Quan Bowers

CLEMSON - checks in with Da'Quan Bowers after spring practice earlier this week.

What are some of your thoughts after your first spring practice Da'Quan?
Bowers: It's a lot different than high school. It's intense. A lot of reps. Being a young guy I have to do more reps. I'm low on the depth chart so I have to do a lot of reps.

Did it surprise you to find out you were fourth on the depth chart coming in to the start of spring practice?
Bowers: I expected it. I'm the new guy. They've been here longer than me and I have to work my way to where I want to be at. Hopefully by the summer I'll be first or second string.

Are you already familiar with the plays having been on campus the last couple of months?
Bowers: Actually I'm just learning the plays. I talked about it with Coach Rumph but it's coming now. We really haven't gone over too much until just now, earlier this week.

What's been the adjustment like for you the last couple of months with mat drills and everything else?
Bowers: Yes it has been a big adjustment. Physically and mentally. Mat drills were tough. You have to work hard. Work through it. I made it through.

Has there been anybody that's taken you under their wing to show you how to do things this spring?
Bowers: All those guys have. They are telling me what I need to know. Ricky [Sapp] and Kevin [Alexander] and Dorrell. They have been helping me out a lot and I appreciate it. Top Stories